Analytics & Applied Data Science

What it is

Organizations nowadays collect loads of data, sometimes without even realizing it. But how to create value from this data? Our business analysts and data scientists have all the know-how to extract the maximum value from your data. We guide you in the process of collecting data and analyzing it using the newest techniques that have proven business value. Together we transform the insights into actionable recommendations to reach your goals, such as increase in revenue, decrease in costs, increase your competitive advantage or increase your competency level within the area of data analytics, data science and (GDPR-compliant) data management.  

How we do it

We extract insights & recommendations, embed the story and educate your organisation. We do this for both Small and Big data solutions. Mainly in Operational (Production, Logistics, Supply chain, Purchasing), Financial & Marketing and Sales functions. We guide you through the complete data journey - from vision to implementation.


We extract valuable insights and actionable recommendations from your data and create an implementation roadmap for further progress.


Embed the data story in your organization & help communicate with internal and external stakeholders. Together we will make sure that your data story is optimized and utilized in the best way possible.


We educate your organization and increase competency levels. We will teach you how to do it yourself.

Why you need it

Increase revenue
Decrease costs
Increase process efficiency ( 2x higher growth rate)
Stay competitive. >60% of companies use or plan to use

What we can do for you

The first step is collecting, transforming & cleaning your data to prepare for data analysis. What is the quality of this data? Can you trust it? Do we need to improve the quality before unleashing our analytics powers? Now that your data has a sufficiently high quality level, it is time for descriptive analytics! Descriptive analytics analyzes historical data to determine what happened. This is often visualized via dashboards, mappings and other visualization tools to transmit the findings to a broader set of stakeholders. But descriptive analytics only tells you what happened and not why, so it’s time we take things to the next level.
Now that we know what happened, it is time to create a deeper understanding of why it happened. During a quantitative & qualitative analysis we are going on a treasure hunt in different data sources to find reasons behind observed events. Why are my product margins lower than I envisioned? Why do some of my selling points perform better than others? Why are my processes not followed? These are examples of diagnostic questions that can be answered by our business analysts after taking a deep dive into your organization to search for answers. 
This is where the real magic happens – with buzzwords such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Using the most novel advanced analytics techniques we will guide you to the future. Our data scientists have a broad skillset including mathematics, econometrics, computer science and a good business sense. Using these skills, we can predict future events, for example the next steps in a process. Predictive and prescriptive analytics are amongst the most cutting-edge innovations of this decade. What will happen next? What should I do to optimize? We’d love to answer those questions together with you. 

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